Dr. V. is an angel! Instead of looking at how to address a symptom, Dr. V. looks at the whole person. She is able to see connections between things and truly get to the root cause of problems. I thought that since my Ulcerative Colitis symptoms were under control, I was “good,” but Dr. V. was able to uncover things beneath the surface — like intestinal permeability and nutritional deficiencies — that, if left smoldering, could have led to larger issues. I’ve never had 90 uninterrupted minutes with a doctor, and I’ve never had a doctor explain lab results and connections between things the way that Dr. V. does. I knew her interventions were working because I felt better — gut health, energy, overall — but it was amazing to see that follow-up lab results showed so much improvement. I honestly feel like she saved me, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have found her. All of the family and friends I’ve sent to Dr. V. agree — she is a healer!

Christina M

After being diagnosed with PCOS, I wanted to be able to heal my body naturally and manage my symptoms. I was losing my hair, could not lose weight, had insomnia and fatigue. Dr. V helped me gain more knowledge on taking control of my overall health. After just three months, I lost 24 lbs, my hair was healthy and growing and I had my energy and sleep back. Going through this program has helped me find sustainable solutions to my symptoms and made an incredible difference on my life. Dr. V has made me feel listened to and being able to have an honest and in-depth conversation about my health helped me understand what was happening to me and what I needed to do. Working with the nutritional counseling, I learned how to fuel my body and give it what it needs. It’s definitely hard work, but Dr.V helps you find the tools to be able to do it and if you are looking for a life change, I definitely recommend seeing Dr. V.

Nicole D

Dr. Vazirani is a thorough, caring, and experienced medical professional. Dr. V takes her time to listen to her patients in order to give them her best recommendations. My family is very happy with her medical care. We highly recommend Dr. Vazirani.

Diana Y

Dr. Vazirani is an excellent clinician that goes above & beyond what traditional medicine provides. She looks to what the root cause is and offers ideas on how to get us to a healthier state. She & her staff have been wonderful to interact with. Highly recommend.

Amy L

Dr. Vazirani has helped me with my symptoms.  For the last few years, I have been going to several doctors that haven’t helped. Dr. Vazirani has a completely different approach. She has ordered different tests than the other doctors. She is very knowledgable and has educated me on what to do for my symptoms. Dr. Vazirani always spends a lot of time with me during my appointments and truly listens to everything that I am asking.


Dr Vazirani is a compassionate, excellent physician. She took care of me after I had acquired an infection. After months of antibiotics, I was depleted. She patiently helped restore my health. She took her time and listened patiently, offering suggestions that have helped me tremendously. She gave me hope. Not only did she help me but offered the names of other physicians that could help me or family members with disease. I respect and appreciate Dr Vazirani and have recommended her to many people.

Carol B

With steel resolve and a contagious enthusiasm, Dr. Minal Vazirani has changed my outlook on nutrition and “converted” me to the logic of treating myself with foods. Very appropriately, for a skeptic like me, she will not take no for an answer and with charm, wit, and a sense of humor she has guided me on a path that has reversed a long series of ailments that had afflicted me for years. I feel better now at 55 than I did 20 years ago. I understand what my body needs to perform optimally and cannot be more grateful to her for her gentle (but make no mistake, unwavering) persistence. Thank you!

Stellario D

My family has been seeing Dr V for several years. She is thorough, compassionate, and thoughtful. Following her recommendations helped me successfully reduce my migraines. She takes her time to get to know each one of my family members and investigates core issues for varieties of symptoms which may be involved together- e.g asthma, ear infections, bowel issues, etc are all linked together and can be addressed as one using diet and supplements. She referred my son to an integrative ENT specialist when she felt it was needed to further address the ear infections. My young kids are healthier since following her recommendations and I feel more in control of their immune system. Love Dr V and have recommended her to many friends who felt the same way!

Sandy B

I highly recommend Dr. Vazirani. It was so refreshing to spend so much time with a doctor. She recommended a number of tests for me, and spent a significant amount of time going through all the results with me to review our next steps. She’s so knowledgeable and friendly. Finally! A doctor who can help me feel healthier!

Joanna A

I have known Dr Minal Vazirani for several years and would recommend her to my family and friends. She is an outstanding physician with profound knowledge of conventional and alternative medicine. She treated me for my chronic insomnia issues, using safe, natural and holistic approach with no side effects.

Thank You Dr Vazirani


What a night! My sister and I found your educational event about functional foods super informative. Your upbeat personality and can-do spirit was inspiring. Thank you for being a part of our health journey and helping us navigate the benefits of functional foods.

Jenny T

Dr. V. is a warm and compassionate individual. She is well versed in several forms of medicine. That is why I like her because she can see things from different angles. She is very wise for her years.


Dr. Vazirani is very pleasant, knowledgeable and always has the interest of the patient. I am very happy to be under her care and would recommend her to all my friends


Always Positive!! Integrative Medicine has saved me! Thank You Dr. Vazirani!!

Katherine A

Dr. V is not only very intelligent and knowledgeable but she has an excellent bedside manner. She is so compassionate and empathetic and connects with her patients. I highly recommend her if you have an ailment where traditional medicine is not giving you answers.

Jayanti G

Dr. Vazirani has provided me with the most knowledge about nutrition and my well-being than any other healthcare professional I’ve ever seen. Before coming to Dr. V I was living with discomfort that no other doctor could figure out. Dr. V has helped me find out the root of my problems and I am endlessly grateful. Life is much better now that I know how to properly take care of my body.

Chelsea R

Dr. Vazirani has profoundly and positively changed the health trajectory of myself, my husband, my two adult children, and many of my friends. She is a remarkably caring, focused, smart, and science-based doctor who addresses everything that matters on health, including weight, stress, and cognitive function. She has turned around my expectations for aging and I firmly believe that the steps I am taking are setting the stage for a long and healthy life. What could be of higher value?

Louise W

I am grateful for Dr. V’s  counsel, especially for the time she takes in that initial consultation to really understand all the variables that can affect one’s health. Not having any critical issues but some chronic patterns, she presented alot of options/approaches which I could choose from.  This is quite a different experience than conventional doctors’ ‘orders’. Initially, I delayed testing until symptoms worsened.  I had to learn the hard way that my resistance to testing came from years of distrust of conventional medicine.  The results of the functional testing gave me answers that could be remedied with supplements in addition to the recommended practices she had given me 6 months earlier. Within one month’s time I saw significant improvement!

John D

Dear Dr. Vazirani,

I just wanted to take a couple minutes to thank you and your team for giving me back my life. Yes, that sounds dramatic, but dramatic perfectly describes the changes I’m seeing in my health and wellbeing. After many years of chronic illness, including hypothyroidism, migraines, high blood pressure, and systemic Sjogren’s Syndrome, autoimmune arthritis, and fibromyalgia, I was finally brought to the point of seriously considering going on disability. I was so fatigued, I could barely walk from my apartment the block it would take me to get to work. I was using a cane constantly not only for pain support but to keep me upright. I was in constant pain.

I can only thank God that through His grace and the help of many friends and colleagues at work, I was led to your practice last summer. I had been seeing more specialists than I ever wanted to see, yet all the medication wasn’t getting me where I needed to be. In addition, as I would eventually learn, the medication was actually draining me of vital vitamins and nutrients, making my condition worse. After working with you, the nutritionist you referred me to, and the special massage therapist you recommended for approximately nine months, the changes, as I mentioned earlier, have been dramatic. I now have the energy to work, I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds and plan on losing more, and my whole demeanor has improved – so much so that everyone at work notices and those who haven’t seen me in a while hardly know me. I’m learning to eat for health, I’m taking supplements to replace my deficiencies in the meantime, and most importantly I finally found answers to why I was always so sick and take the necessary corrective actions.

As you know, I still have a ways to go to fully restored health, but now I believe that goal is possible to reach. Thank you so very much for all you and your team have done for me and a particular thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Warm regards

Sue K

I was diagnosed with Gastritis by my regular doctor and GI doctor. My regular doctor and GI doctor’s methods of helping me were to prescribe medication after medication. Before suffering from gastritis, I hardly took any medication at all. I became extremely frustrated and exhausted by the guessing game the doctors were playing, try this and try that. The various side effects were horrible. Its omnipotent presence affected everything. It prevented me from sleeping well. It inhibited my ability to work to my potential. It even started to influence my personality. My gastritis, caused by stress, was something I lived with everyday for several months. I lost my appetite; I was weak and anemic; lightheaded and basically not well at all. I suffered from irregular, debilitating bowel movements.

I resigned myself to this terrible condition until a friend recommended taking an Integrative Medicine Approach with Dr. Minal Vazirani. When I came to my first appointment I felt that I was not just talking to a Doctor but also to a Human Being, someone that totally cares about my health. She took the time to listen to my issues and talk to me about my options. She thoroughly described and explained her strategy; what she could do and what I could do to reach optimal health.

After I started seeing Dr. Vazirani, I soon realized that with her healthy eating protocols and special supplements, my condition was no longer a part of my everyday life. Since then, the Integrative Health and Wellness Team has become a part of my well-being routine. I am always met with warm hugs and am educated about how to help my body heal naturally. After my positive experience, my husband and kids became patients of Dr. Vazirani’s as well. The Integrative Health and Wellness Team goes above and beyond traditional health care and I am eternally grateful for everything they have and continue to do for me. I absolutely recommend Dr. Vazirani to anyone who wants to overall live a healthier life, not just treat an ailment.

Febe S