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Our approach is open minded, combined with keen insight, helps you to restore balance by working to get to the root cause of your health concerns.


Minal Vazirani, MD is triple board certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Integrative Medicine, making her uniquely qualified to treat anyone from infants to adults from an integrative and holistic medicine perspective. Dr. Vazirani is also a Certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master, and has further training in Ayurvedic Medicine, Meditation, Functional Medicine, and Clinical Homeopathy.


Dr. V’s open-minded approach, combined with her keen insight, helps you to restore balance by working to get to the root cause of your health concerns.

Dr. V works with you to identify patterns of dysfunction and empower you to return to your personal best, custom-tailoring a personalized wellness plan that works for you.


I highly recommend Dr. Vazirani. It was so refreshing to spend so much time with a doctor. She recommended a number of tests for me, and spent a significant amount of time going through all the results with me to review our next steps. She’s so knowledgeable and friendly. Finally! A doctor who can help me feel healthier!

Joanna A.

I have known Dr Minal Vazirani for several years and would recommend her to my family and friends. She is an outstanding physician with profound knowledge of conventional and alternative medicine. She treated me for my chronic insomnia issues, using safe, natural and holistic approach with no side effects.

Thank You Dr Vazirani !


Dr. V. is a warm and compassionate individual. She is well versed in several forms of medicine. That is why I like her because she can see things from different angles. She is very wise for her years.


What a night! My sister and I found your educational event about functional foods super informative. Your upbeat personality and can-do spirit was inspiring. Thank you for being a part of our health journey and helping us navigate the benefits of functional foods.

Jenny T

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